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Geoffrey Mac structured and graphic fall 2012 collection was, in many ways, out of this world. With beehive hairdos that easily rival those of the late Amy Winehouse, and colorful cat eye make up that puts Lady Gaga circa May 2011 to shame, the show, which was set to pulsating instrumental club beats, featured color blocking and bold prints. Thick, pronounced stripes and circles and leather cutouts, amongst other geometrics, felt mod. While there was a definite  throwback to the 60's and Twiggy, as well as 80's inspired strong shoulders, Geoffrey Mac was more future than past.

The exaggerated forms are so over the top, you might have mistaken yourself for being at Roswell or Area 51 instead of at Exit Art in New York. The protruding shapes were pointy, and there was absolutely nothing soft to anything here, leading to an overall masculinity to a collection that also has a slight dominatrix feel.  Mac certainly continues the futuristic, robotic, Tron-esque trends that have appeared as of late, and he is sure to continue to flourish with such designs as pop culture follow similiar visual themes, including the heavily anticipated Men in Black 3 film that's set to land in theaters this May. But be warned, this collection is for the supremely confident women only. Lady Gaga and her monster following will salivate.

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