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Tribal disco: Geoffrey Mac

It takes a truly daring and creative mind to turn tribal influences into frocks that could stop a disco. But disco-ready is what Geoffrey Mac’s spring 2012 dresses are. Here is a man whose resume can namedrop costuming for the likes of Lady Gaga and The Scissor Sisters, so it’s no wonder these products of his kaleidoscopic mind are edged with shiny metalics, neon colour, and theatrical drama.

Each outfit could belong to the Queen of an ancient tribe, worshipped for her Goddess-like qualities. But she’s not the understated type; nor is she tied to the past. In fact, much of Mac’s work feels distinctly futuristic.

Some of the pieces are shapeless and fringed, with Deco-like geometric prints; a Princess of 1920s exotica. Others are fishtailed and fantastical, others floating and feathered, all are tied together with the single commonality of being nothing short of attention-grabbing.

The look book’s hair and makeup by Darvell Freeman hits the same level of artistic boldness as the clothing. And the ancient moss and rising mist of the look book setting? That’s the land our tribal queens inhabit – when they’re not off partying.

written by Tania Braukämper


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